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Пасютина Лидия Алексеевна 3д класс   27 января 2016, 12:23  ::

Пасютина Лидия Алексеевна 3д класс   27 января 2016, 09:15  ::
1.We decorate Сristmas tree,cooked food and
decjrated the house.
2.I with relatives celebrated the New year at home.
3.I wished happiness,health and joy.
4.I received a lot of gifts.
5.I like to give presents. ;)
6. I spent my vacation at grandma's.
7.I went to Tula on high-speed train.
9.Yes and no.
10.I have a lot of learning.

полина варгашкина   26 января 2016, 10:14  ::
1.My family and I decorated our cristmas tree.
2.I celebrated the New ear at my house with my parents.
3.I wished my friend good and happy luck and success.
4.I got good and beautiful tablet.
5.I like give them sweets,books and crackers.
6.I spent my winter holidays at the cottage and at home.
7.I went to the circus. ;)
8.I saw a iot of films and performances for example I went to the circus Zapashny.
9. Yes, I did
10. I was sad becouse the holidayus are over, but I am happy to see my friends.

Demin Nikolay 3A   26 января 2016, 09:17  ::
1. I cleaned your house and dress up a Christmas tree.
2. I celebrated the new year with her parents out of town.
3. I wished them good luck and success.
4. I got lots of candy and another mini laser system.
5. I like to get presents.
6. I spent my winter holidays out of town.
7. I visited Moscow city.
8. I watched the Comedy break.
9. I was missing classmates.
10.I miss school.

Маликова Таня 3А . The Winter Holiday’s interview   22 января 2016, 16:22  ::
1. I spent my winter holidays from 26th of December till the 11the of January
2.We decorate Christmas tree and prepare presents for each other
3.I celebrated New Year in Kaliningrad with my family
4.I wish my nearest and dearest to be happy, beautiful and healthy
5.I got a new doll from my parents.
6.I like to get and to give presents the same
7.I spent my winter holidays in Poland
8.I visited the Zoo in Kaliningrad and the huge salt cave in near Varshava
9. I saw the New Year performance in the Moscow sircus
10.I missed my school friends very much
11.I felt happy when I saw my friends again

Таранникова Даша 4А . The Winter Holiday’s interview   22 января 2016, 16:19  ::
1. We decorated Christmas tree, bought a lot of tasty things for the party, prepare presents and greeting cards.
2.I celebrated New Year with my mom, dad, grandpa and grandma at home
3.I wish them be happy
5.I got a lot of presents
6.I like to get and to give presents
7.I spent my winter holidays with my grandma in Sochi
8.I visited Roza Khutor
9.I didn’t see any of them.
10.Yes, a lot.
11I feel sad, that the holidays are over, but I am happy to see my friends.

Александр Воеводский 4Д. The Winter Holiday’s interview   22 января 2016, 16:13  ::
1.We have our winter holidays from 26th of December till 10th of January.
2.We decorated Christmas tree , prepared greeting card and presents.
3.I celebrated New Year at home with my parents.
4.I wish them all the best in New year.
5.I got a new LEGO constructor “Lifting service” form my parents.
6.I like to get presents more.
7.I spent my winter holidays at home.
8.I visited the 64th floor of the Moscow City and the Kremlin.
9.I didn't see anything this year

10. Just a little.

The English ClubOK. The Winter Holiday’s interview   22 января 2016, 16:09  ::
1.How did you and your family prepare to the New Year meeting?
2.Where and with whom did you celebrate New Year?
3.What did you wish your relatives and friends?
4.What presents did you get?
5.What do you like more to get presents or to give thеm?
6.Where did you spend your winter holidays?
7.What interesting places did you visit?
8.What interesting films and performances did you see?
9Did you miss your classmates?
10What do you feel backed to school?

Demin Nikolay   23 декабря 2015, 11:58  ::
1. С наступающим Новым Годом!
День так ясен,
Снег такой белый,
Небо так ярко,
Мы кричим изо всех сил:
«Счастливого Нового Года!»
Новый год для примерки,
И не вздыхая,
Новый год и жить в нем,
Ой! удерживайте это самое дорогое!

2. Принесите на Новый Год
Принесите на Новый Год
Торжества на улицах.
Принесите на Новый Год
Убедитесь, что есть много угощения.
Принесите на Новый Год
Время, чтобы праздновать.
Старые воспоминания и новые желания
Надеюсь, мир ждет.

3. Новый Год

Новые вещи, чтобы узнать,

Новых друзей встречать,

Новые песни петь,

Новые книги читать.

Новые вещи, чтобы увидеть,

Новые вещи услышать,

Новые вещи, чтобы сделать

В этот Новый Год!

The English ClubOK. The Christmas competitions of translators   14 декабря 2015, 15:58  ::
Dear children and their parents!

We need translators!

We need your help!

We need poets!

Here are some English poems. You need translate them into Russian. All works will be published on our website. The best works we will publish on our newspaper on the stand. Please, write down your variants

A happy New Year!

The day is so clear,
The snow is so white,
The sky is so bright,
We shout with all our might:
«A happy New Year!»
A new year for trying,
And never for sighing,
A new year to live in,
Oh! hold it most dear!

Bring on the New Year

Bring on the New Year
Celebrations in the streets.
Bring on the New Year
Make sure there's lots of treats.
Bring on the New Year
A time to celebrate.
Memories old and wishes new
Hopeful, the world awaits.

New Year

New things to learn,
New friends to meet,
New songs to sing,
New books to read.
New things to see,
New things to hear,
New things to do
In this New Year!

Kudina Mayya   11 декабря 2015, 12:09  ::
1my favorite subject is english
2I watch TV
3Yes,I do
4Yes,I have
5my good friend is cool
6my favorite friend is Polina
7I like Polina
8My family is clever,nice,big,kind and happy
9my parents

михайловой ксении   9 декабря 2015, 11:16  ::
1 My favourite subject is Art
2 I like drawing in my free time
3 Yes I do
4 No I have not got much free time
5 The good friend is kind and lovely
6 I have not got a lot of friends!My best friend is Polina
7 I love her!
8My family is kind and beautiful and lovely and big and friendly
9 My parents
10 My motfer

Vova Revin 3A   8 декабря 2015, 15:44  ::
1. My favourite subject is Maths
2. I draw and sing in my free time
3. Yes, I do
4. No, I haven't. It's not enough for me
5. This person must be kind, nice, clever and funny
6. I have got a lot of friends. My best friends are Sasha and Kolya
7. I help my friends in their studies
8. Yes, I have. They are funny, clever, good, happy and reliable
9. My parents and I make decisions together in our family
10. My mother supports me in everything. She helps to do my homework and play sports

masha 3v   8 декабря 2015, 11:16  ::
1 My favourite subject is P.E.
2 I like to draw
3 No i don't like
4 No i haven't
5 My good friend is kind
6 I have got two friends Ana and Polina
7 I ask about classes
8 My family is big,fanny,claver
9 I do it myself
10 My mother does.

poli 3v   8 декабря 2015, 10:56  ::
1. My favourite subject is English
2. I like to dance
3. No I don't
4. No I haven't
5. My good friend is kind
6. I have got one friend Masha
7. I ask a homework
8. My family is small,funny,kind,claver and happy
9. I do it myself
10.My grammy

Bezrukova Maria   2 декабря 2015, 15:00  ::
1.My favourite subject is drawing.
2.I like wath TV and play computer games.
3.Yes, I do.
4.I haven't much free time.
5.A good friend is a very kind and friendly person.
6.Yes, I have. My best girlfriends are Lisa and Sasha.
7.I teach my friends always what can I do well.
8.No, my family is`n so big. I have got my mother, my grandparents and my grand-grandmother
9.Decisions in our family take my mother.
10.I need support with my study every day and my family help me with pleasure

Tyurina Diana   30 ноября 2015, 22:51  ::
1.My favourite subject is English.
2.I like to play with my toys in my free time.
3.Yes, I do.
4.No, I haven't. No, it isn't.
5.It is a person who can be relied on. She has to be calm.
6.Yes, I have. I have got many friends.
7.I help them to do homework.
8.Yes, I have a big family. Smart, kind, happy, careful, bedient.
9.My parents take all decisions.
10.My family and friends support me. The help me in life and in difficult situations.

Merzlikina Liza   30 ноября 2015, 21:35  ::
1. My favourite subject is english and mathematics.
2.In my free time I like to play with my dog Dusy and to draw.
3.Yes, i do. The school is my second home.
4.I haven't much free time and it not well.
5.Good friend mean for me the person which help me in difficult minutes .He must be good person and help others.
6.Yes, i have a lot of friends. My best friend is Masha.
7.I always help my friends if they ask me.
8.Yes,I have got a big family.My family is happy,caring,nice,fine,merry.
9.In my family all decisions takes my parents.
10. My parents support me, they always help me. ;)

Aksenov Matvey   30 ноября 2015, 19:51  ::
1. My favourite subjects are English, Outward things and Physical training.
2. I like wath TV and play computer games.
3. Yes, I do.
4. I have free time. But it is not enough for me.
5. The best friend for me is a funny, clever and kind boy or girl.
6. I haven't got a lot of friends, but they are the best. My best friends: Alex, Gosha, Liz and Luba.
7. I help my friends do home work.
8. Yes, I have a big family. I have got my parents, my baby-sister, two grandma and my aunt.
9. All decisions we take together.
10. All my family members support me every day with my study.

SHETININA ANNA   30 ноября 2015, 19:40  ::
1. My favourite subject is mathematician.
2. I like to draw in my free time.
3. Yes, I do.
4. Yes, I have. It is enough for me.
5. My good friend for me is a kind and clever boy – my brother.
6. Yes, I have. My best friends are Lilit, Ira and Alena...
7. I am always help my friends with stady.
8. My family is a family of six: I; my mother, my brother; my grandmother; my grandfather and uncle. My family is very good.
9. Decisions in my family take my mother and I together.
10. My family members support me.

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