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Aksenov Matvey   30 ноября 2015, 19:51  ::
1. My favourite subjects are English, Outward things and Physical training.
2. I like wath TV and play computer games.
3. Yes, I do.
4. I have free time. But it is not enough for me.
5. The best friend for me is a funny, clever and kind boy or girl.
6. I haven't got a lot of friends, but they are the best. My best friends: Alex, Gosha, Liz and Luba.
7. I help my friends do home work.
8. Yes, I have a big family. I have got my parents, my baby-sister, two grandma and my aunt.
9. All decisions we take together.
10. All my family members support me every day with my study.
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