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Merzlikina Liza   30 ноября 2015, 21:35  ::
1. My favourite subject is english and mathematics.
2.In my free time I like to play with my dog Dusy and to draw.
3.Yes, i do. The school is my second home.
4.I haven't much free time and it not well.
5.Good friend mean for me the person which help me in difficult minutes .He must be good person and help others.
6.Yes, i have a lot of friends. My best friend is Masha.
7.I always help my friends if they ask me.
8.Yes,I have got a big family.My family is happy,caring,nice,fine,merry.
9.In my family all decisions takes my parents.
10. My parents support me, they always help me. ;)
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