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Mikhail Zenov, 3D   26 ноября 2015, 22:28  ::
1.My favorite subject is Maths.
2.I play computer games and watch TV in my free time.
3.Yes, I do.
4.I don’t have much free time. It’s not enough for me.
5.A good friend means a considerate, good-tempered person to me. A friend must be kind and merry.
6.Yes. I have. My best friends are Oleg, Kyrill, and Dima.
7.I teach them to play basketball and often give them a piece of advice.
8.My family is not big but it is happy, friendly and caring.
9.We discuss different issues together and then take our decisions on them.
10. All of my family members support me. They help me in everything.
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