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Ivan Belousov, 3-D   26 ноября 2015, 19:13  ::
1. My favourite subject is Physical traning.
2. I play with my friend in my free time.
3. Yes, I do. I like learn in the school.
4. I have much free time. Yes, it is.
5. My good friends mean a lot to me.
6. Yes, I have. My best friend is Fedor.
7. Sometimes I help they with their homework.
8. Yes, I have. I have got the big family: father, mother, brother Dima, brother Alexey and I.
9. My parents and I take decusions in my family.
10 All of my family members and friends support to me. Father, mother and my friends (sometimes) help me with my homework. My brothers play with me to the games.
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