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Notaries in the US are generally readily available at a moment's notice and often with no need for an appointment. Many US banks will notarise documents free for their ustomers. Notaries appointed by the individual US states are normally "public notaries" or "notaries public", are not required to be lawyers, and may only notarise documents when they operate within the border of the relevant US state. By way of example of this jurisdictional limitation, an "American notary" who is a California appointed notary public may not notarise documents when in New York, and certainly not from outside the United States. Most often, US notaries public are employed legal secretaries, paralegals, bank staff, courier or photocopying business staff. Some US notaries public practice solely as professional notaries, but this is extremely difficult as they are statutorily bound by their states to charge extremely low fees. For professional notaries, business is only made more difficult to spend the time necessary to carry out their duties as many bank's notaries and others often charge no fees. From this you can see from a US perspective, notaries are expected to be everywhere, to be readily available, to be inexpensive, and not in a position to question US legal requirements, etc. http:// www. lemeilleurbijoux.cn/en/hermes-narrow-clic-h-yellow-gold-bracelet-replica-red-enamel-p253/
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