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love Armreif   20 февраля 2017, 06:16  ::
There have been a few really terrible arguments posted. First, so covering your face is impolite in Western society? We have yet to outlaw public farting or burping because that also would be a violation of civil liberties. Those who brought up the oppression of women, I feel just as oppressed when old male politicians tell me what I can wear as when old men in my family do. Third, knowing what someone's face looks like and their gender doesn't help you to determine whether or not they are a terrorist. Perhaps, perhaps, the argument could be made that weapons could be stowed in the body portion of a burqa, but if we take that as an argument the Netherlands in morally obligated to require evryone to wear body suits in public. It's a matter of civil and political rights and, as Dan pointed out, will only be effective in further marginalizing Muslim women.
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