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Gary   8 ноября 2020, 22:25  ::
I can relate...I was homeless for 20 years sleeping from one place to another then finally moved under a bridge for 3 years( I-95 and I-10 merger) in Jacksonville Florida. Then later I moved into a abandoned 3 car garage for another 3 years then finally I was discovered there by the owners. Rather than being put in jail for vagrancy they reached out and helped me and now I finnally have an apartment that I been been living in for about 5 years now and still going strong. God works through people to people always believe and never give up. Even though I was homeless I was happy and had lots of good times surviving. It was a great outdoor adventure, I was resilient and determined, and it was just like she said like camping out because we cooked out on homemade open grills dranked plenty beer and smoked plenty weed to help us get through the days. Other homeless friends who I can truly call friends looked out for each other and each other's stuff and belongings. We went to the food banks and got food and every month food stamps would come and help us. We had huge igloo coolers with ice for our meats and stuff. We took showers either at the mission's or homeless shelters or we improvised and found a isolated water hydrant, it maybe was cold especially during the winter but it did the job. Believe me when I tell you can be homeless and still be content just stay faithful and be resilient and change will come and that is my honest testimony. Im'ma living witness. God bless ya'll and just keep your head up and smile.
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