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Zulu   9 апреля 2020, 17:06  ::
Praise the Lord.. our saviour our Father, your Worthy To be Praise!!! We Worship you Jesus!! exalt your name... Powerful and Majesty... the Lord Of Lord and King Of King... the Beggining and the Ending... Alpha and Omega.. Im forever ThankFul to you Jesus.. thanks for the sacrifices,by the stripes we are save,by your precious blood,thank you Jesus for redeeming our sins... you are Great God Halleluiah! I love you Jesus... Were Always be thankful oh God, in Jesus name we Pray for the Plan of SALVATION HALLELUIAH... That we continue to obey you, YOUR WORDS, by our Faith.Continue to bless and guide us oh Lord Jesus.. We Give you BACK THE GLORY HONOUR AND PRAISE IN JESUS NAME WE PRAY!! AMEN and AMEN... 
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