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Gary   4 марта 2020, 12:25  ::
What is non-denominational Christianity? Church denominations sprang out of the Reformation movement. Just to review: In the 1500's many people believed that the Catholic Church was corrupt and it doctrines were overbearing and scriptural and they began to rebel. Martin Luther is the most noted reformer being the first to make a public challenge to the Church. He nailed 95 theses, which were basically debate propositions, to the door of the All Saints Church in Whittenberg, October 31, 1517. From that time Luther and many other church leaders broke away from the Catholicism and started their own version of Christianity. It still persists today as more and more Churches appear on the scene. These are called denominations due to the division among and between them. Each having their own set of beliefs, creeds and organizational structure.
The primary teaching that the reformers were rebelling against was the idea that one has to work their way to heaven. That the good deeds one does earns their way to heaven. The reformers correctly realized that no one can earn their way to heaven. Good deeds don't make up for sinful deeds. The reformers made a mistake however. Many times when one is repulsed by a distasteful doctrine they tend to repel to the opposite extreme which can be a good thing, except when the extreme is just as bad. In the reformers case they did not consult the Bible but instead simply taught the opposite of the Catholic doctrine that they disagreed with.
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