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Manila   9 января 2021, 19:28  ::
"I’m greatful to anyone,
That is happy or ’free’
For giving me hope
While I’m looking to see
The light that has lighted the world"

Dermot   9 января 2021, 01:17  ::
I am ever thankful to Jesus for encouraging me to look within. Many other saints and seers also but essentially it was Jesus that led me on that path... that's all but to me it was like a blessed gift by a great saint....and perhaps it was.

Mark   5 января 2021, 02:30  ::
I love you, your heart for The Lord & the Work you do before the whole world. WE WILL FEAST TOGETHER WITH HIM & EACH OTHER IN HIS KINGDOM!!!

Terry   31 декабря 2020, 22:19  ::
Jesus is our Savior. I hope many see and are changed by it. Thank you for posting this and may God bless you.

John   23 декабря 2020, 21:49  ::
Is a blessing and an inspiration to do as Jesus did. He taught us how to live and how to love. Then he said go and do likewise. Be a light to the world. Thanks !

Ava   17 декабря 2020, 22:39  ::
I don’t have many friends. I pray to God to help me make good friends, all those prayers were answered... God gave me a person to hang out with Evan though she can have her moments she is still a good friend.

Margo   20 ноября 2020, 17:15  ::
This is why I love Jesus! He is my light, He leads the way and shows me by His example how to live my life in service to others.

Gary   8 ноября 2020, 22:25  ::
I can relate...I was homeless for 20 years sleeping from one place to another then finally moved under a bridge for 3 years( I-95 and I-10 merger) in Jacksonville Florida. Then later I moved into a abandoned 3 car garage for another 3 years then finally I was discovered there by the owners. Rather than being put in jail for vagrancy they reached out and helped me and now I finnally have an apartment that I been been living in for about 5 years now and still going strong. God works through people to people always believe and never give up. Even though I was homeless I was happy and had lots of good times surviving. It was a great outdoor adventure, I was resilient and determined, and it was just like she said like camping out because we cooked out on homemade open grills dranked plenty beer and smoked plenty weed to help us get through the days. Other homeless friends who I can truly call friends looked out for each other and each other's stuff and belongings. We went to the food banks and got food and every month food stamps would come and help us. We had huge igloo coolers with ice for our meats and stuff. We took showers either at the mission's or homeless shelters or we improvised and found a isolated water hydrant, it maybe was cold especially during the winter but it did the job. Believe me when I tell you can be homeless and still be content just stay faithful and be resilient and change will come and that is my honest testimony. Im'ma living witness. God bless ya'll and just keep your head up and smile.

S.   29 октября 2020, 22:45  ::
I’ve been so depressed lately dealing with health issues from having had Leukemia. My looks and the person I used to know is gone. I’m trying to live in my new normal and it’s hard. No matter what, Jesus is the only one that matters. He loves me just the way I am. Thank you.

Lady Queen   17 октября 2020, 08:01  ::
"My people perish for the lack of knowledge"- God

Lord help us to be humble and grateful for what we have and to understand that it's because of grace. Lord teach us compassion so we can be graceful to others. Let us be useable vessels with wisdom to know how to help others in need. Amen.

Elijah   12 октября 2020, 18:25  ::
When I was homeless for 3 years, I remember telling myself over and over, "If you have no one else in the world, you have yourself. Don't hurt the only thing you have." So I fought to stay positive...

Connie Atkinson   13 сентября 2020, 15:47  ::
It is so heart-warming and inspiring to see that God's Kingdom is being built in such a beautiful and graceful way in ways we would never expect and in places we could never imagine. How blessed we are.

A.K.   29 августа 2020, 19:55  ::
Is it really true? I think we did sponsorship for these guys for long time.! Thank you so much for very interesting facts about this family. I would like to know little bit more about... May God bless you and have a great day.

Zoe   15 июля 2020, 11:20  ::
To the person reading this: You are loved,good enough,precious,strong no matter what other people say! Let God be your only Judge for he knows how many hair you have one your head! God is always with you through the good and bad times don't ever forget that

L U X   10 июля 2020, 21:00  ::
I've been deep in dumps, being in class of 2020, this year just made me progressively worse. I'm tryna let God answer me as to why I'm going through this, and I want him to save me because idk if I can pass and graduate I can't focus. I just want to be happy and grateful. Thankyou

Windsaint   2 июля 2020, 14:19  ::
It brings me sadness & tears no matter what I think of myself or what others think of me. The truth is “I am just me, I am human”. Through the hard times & the uncertainty I can try & give my best & love the person I am & keep striving to do my best.

Gabriella   25 июня 2020, 13:32  ::
Jesus makes you enough. The creator of heaven and earth is my Abba Father. He sees you and knows your name. Ask and you WILL receive Jesus.

Britella   24 июня 2020, 18:43  ::
I left an abusive marriage of 10 years. I was told I was nothing daily. Told to kill my self. Told I’d never amount to anything. Cheated on. Lied to. Manipulated. Knocked out cold. It took everything to walk away. Left everything behind. Everyday I’m better. Everyday I’m stronger. For me, for my kids. Calling out to God to give me the strength to leave and keep going. This got me through so much. Thank you God for keeping me safe and helping me to move forward with my life. Happiness means so much now. I left it at your feet.

David Ssebowa the founder and the lead pastor of Arise and shine Christian Ministry Uganda   23 мая 2020, 03:17  ::
Greetings from Uganda east Africa thank you very much for the wonderful good work you are doing in your beautiful country this is pastor David Ssebowa the senior pastor of arise and shine Christian ministry and the founder of arise for at risk children project.

Tony   6 мая 2020, 05:50  ::
Ask yourself this question, are they the real Jews, as they proclaim? The simple answer is a resounding, no. You want to know who they are, turn to the Book of Deuteronomy and in particular, chapter 7 and 28. Then for a full description, turn Jeremiah 14:2. Only one Nation on Earth fit those attributes, as detailed in chapter 28. I leave to come to your own conclusion. Then turn to Revelation 2:9 and 3:9. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, acknowledging the suffering of the chosen seed. You will find that such is the rich heritage of the so-called AFRICANS, which so many nation's despised, and abused, and with bywords. Psalm 83 1- End. That's what you should be crying about. John 8 31-32 Shalom

Khoeli   25 апреля 2020, 16:35  ::
How can one not be touched by such a wonderful story - the unfolding story of humanity on its journey to its Creator?  Many a chilled heart hath been set ablaze with the fire of Thy Cause.

Emitis   20 апреля 2020, 22:29  ::
Not sure exactly which writings are being referred to here. My ancestors were Jewish physicians who embraced  Faith in the 1800's and were welcomed into it. Many of the luminaries of this Faith are people of Jewish descent. The Faith is about love and unity for all people.  

D. Havard   18 апреля 2020, 23:07  ::
This is so hopeful and inspiring when world news paints such a dismal picture. God has a plan for us all and it is joyful.

Hope   12 апреля 2020, 13:40  ::
May all of our hearts continually seek forgiveness and observe gratitude. We should always go back to our one and only creator — and that is Him. Let us thank and worship Him endlessly. No man or thing could ever match Him. Praise the Lord!

Zulu   9 апреля 2020, 17:06  ::
Praise the Lord.. our saviour our Father, your Worthy To be Praise!!! We Worship you Jesus!! exalt your name... Powerful and Majesty... the Lord Of Lord and King Of King... the Beggining and the Ending... Alpha and Omega.. Im forever ThankFul to you Jesus.. thanks for the sacrifices,by the stripes we are save,by your precious blood,thank you Jesus for redeeming our sins... you are Great God Halleluiah! I love you Jesus... Were Always be thankful oh God, in Jesus name we Pray for the Plan of SALVATION HALLELUIAH... That we continue to obey you, YOUR WORDS, by our Faith.Continue to bless and guide us oh Lord Jesus.. We Give you BACK THE GLORY HONOUR AND PRAISE IN JESUS NAME WE PRAY!! AMEN and AMEN... 

Handyman   7 апреля 2020, 22:17  ::
Please if you read this pray for my father-in-law his name is Bob for healing of the soul and the body God bless you and thank you

Deo   23 марта 2020, 12:59  ::
Without Jesus life is impossible
Regadless of whatever you may achieve in this world.
Lord Jesus please reveal yourself
In many lives the world may know your love...

Voice of Gods   8 марта 2020, 01:24  ::
The year of The King the year of Jesus, 2020 is the year where you and i become closer with our Lord, this is the year where we need to realise our blessings, a year to reach down and pull somebody up, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth pray that every path we take will lead us to Glorify the one and only Son of God, who gave his life for us Amen.

Matthew   7 марта 2020, 16:33  ::
Please pray for me and my family everyone... my mother in law has just passed away we are struggling ... but I won’t stop calling on the name of Jesus.

Gary   4 марта 2020, 12:25  ::
What is non-denominational Christianity? Church denominations sprang out of the Reformation movement. Just to review: In the 1500's many people believed that the Catholic Church was corrupt and it doctrines were overbearing and scriptural and they began to rebel. Martin Luther is the most noted reformer being the first to make a public challenge to the Church. He nailed 95 theses, which were basically debate propositions, to the door of the All Saints Church in Whittenberg, October 31, 1517. From that time Luther and many other church leaders broke away from the Catholicism and started their own version of Christianity. It still persists today as more and more Churches appear on the scene. These are called denominations due to the division among and between them. Each having their own set of beliefs, creeds and organizational structure.
The primary teaching that the reformers were rebelling against was the idea that one has to work their way to heaven. That the good deeds one does earns their way to heaven. The reformers correctly realized that no one can earn their way to heaven. Good deeds don't make up for sinful deeds. The reformers made a mistake however. Many times when one is repulsed by a distasteful doctrine they tend to repel to the opposite extreme which can be a good thing, except when the extreme is just as bad. In the reformers case they did not consult the Bible but instead simply taught the opposite of the Catholic doctrine that they disagreed with.

Maria Asuncion   28 февраля 2020, 14:01  ::
Thank you for taking time to report wisdom for us. May God bless you. I wholeheartedly thank you.

Robert   21 февраля 2020, 20:56  ::
The Bible is only confusing if you take it literally. That leads you down all sorts of false paths with tons of rules and regulations that have nothing to do with the love of Christ.

Senhora Neves   16 февраля 2020, 07:59  ::
God bless them on their journey, and God bless for the good advice ! I'm from Rio de Janeiro,Brazil,I love your articles.... My name is Juliana.

Morter   16 февраля 2020, 01:09  ::
Denominations are separated by differences in tradition and doctrine. A true non denomination would mean that they have no doctrine. If they have pastors that shepherd the flock they better have some sort of belief system or that church will end up being a hot mess! When I'm told that in the us alone there are over 40,000 denominations I sure hope it's factoring the non denominations in or we would have way more. Yikes!! No wonder non believers stay away. By the way, I'm currently attending a non denominational church and I can guarantee you the leaders have their own belief system. The good thing is they don't require that everyone believe their specific beliefs. The primary thing that joins the body is the gospel of Jesus Christ, the way it should be.

Boon   14 февраля 2020, 02:04  ::
Thank you so much to you everyday you are the source of positive emotional and intellectual energy for me wish you all the best.

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